Welcome to Earth Weavers, where sustainable fashion meets social impact. Our innovative startup is dedicated to empowering women, fostering sustainability, and redefining the fashion landscape.

Through our unique approach of upcycling curtains waste into stunning wearable art, we not only create beautiful designs but also contribute to a more responsible and regenerative industry.

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Founder & CDO

Manar Chehab

An Entrepreneur & sustainable fashion designer & upcycler , empowers rural women through transformative training and upcycling initiatives. With a keen focus on environmental preservation, she turns fabric and curtain waste into stunning artistic pieces. As the founder of Kimono by Manar since 2018, her unique creations have gained international acclaim.

Manar’s impact extends beyond her brand, as she has trained over 25 rural artisans in sustainable design. Her dedication also extends to volunteering in social and environmental programs, while her compassion shines through her care for stray animals and her three rescued cats at home.

Co-Founder & CEO

Rami Saad


Rami Saad, is a visionary entrepreneur and innovation management expert dedicated to transforming the fashion industry. With a strong focus on empowering rural women and driving social and environmental change, Rami’s impactful initiatives and collaborations have made a lasting difference. Through partnerships with NGOs and Entrepreneurs, he empowers individuals recovering from DRUGS addiction, supports rural women, and fosters sustainability.

With over 18 years of experience, Rami’s leadership extends to training and mentoring NGOs, SMES, and startups, further amplifying his positive impact. He has actively volunteered in various social and environmental awareness programs, and holds certifications in innovation management, NGO management, ISO 20700 ICMCI ISO 9001;2015 Certified Professional Trainer CPT, Training Of Trainers (TOT), Management Consulting Essentials, Export Readiness, and From Waste to Value.

25+ Artisans

In the heart of rural communities, a transformative journey begins. The Earth Weavers has empowered a group of remarkable women hailing from diverse rural backgrounds, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities to redefine their lives. Through our comprehensive training programs led by our visionary founder, these women have emerged as artisans, entrepreneurs, and champions of sustainable fashion.

With each stitch and every creation, these empowered rural women weave a story of resilience, creativity, and determination. Having grown up in rural settings, they have brought their unique experiences, traditions, and cultural heritage to their craft. Their artisanal skills, passed down through generations, blend seamlessly with the contemporary vision of The Earth Weavers, resulting in extraordinary pieces of wearable art.

These women not only create exquisite designs, but they also stand as beacons of hope within their communities. By harnessing their newfound skills, they uplift their families and ignite economic growth in their rural surroundings. They exemplify the spirit of entrepreneurship, showing that talent and determination can flourish even in the most remote corners of the world.

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Inspired by Nature

How we weave

We are an impact startup that empowers rural women, revolutionizing fashion sustainably, and fueling a movement for positive change through fashion. We transform mindsets, provide training, and offer entrepreneurial opportunities, reviving curtains waste into stunning wearable art, and redefining style with fairness and environmental preservation.